Established in 1997 to centralize the development and standardization of business and management education in Uganda, Makerere University Business School (MUBS) is now the leading provider of Business and Management education that facilitates professional development, promotes Entrepreneurship and Leadership in the region. MUBS' vision is to be "The benchmark for Business and Management Education, Research and Training in the region."

The MUBS Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Centre is an outreach Centre established in 2011 in partnership with Southern  University’s International Center for Information Technology and Development (ICITD) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana – USA to deliver ICT solutions to Africa’s poor resource settings. The Centre conducts training, research, and consultancy. The Centre also offers Business process outsourcing in various areas with a view to exploring how and what technologies in Uganda, and indeed other developing economies may adopt and/or adapt to as a catalyst for positive change. MUBS and the ICITD have previously partnered in ICT research and developing online learning resources at MUBS. The development of the MUBS ICT Centre is the product of this sustained joint effort to deliver ICT solutions to Africa’s poor resource settings.

Our Vision

The benchmark for ICT Research, Training and Consultancy in Uganda and the region.

Our Mission

A Centre that exists to generate ICT solutions through research, training and consultancy.

Our Strategic Goal

To harness ICT knowledge, experience, and skills among the Centre’s local and international contributors to promote the use of ICT as a solution to developmental challenges in Uganda and Africa as a whole.

The operations of the MUBS ICT Centre are overseen by a Board, whose chair is the Principal, Makerere University Business School. The Director - ICT Centre serves as the Secretary to Board.