In today’s world where businesses are continually thriving to expand their markets, seeking professional technical support from competent partners is a must, most especially when there is limited in-house technical know-how. With our team of IT specialists, we provide solutions to give you the best experience with your business’s IT needs, both remotely and on-site. Reach out to us today!

Web Design & Development

Having a website that excellently portrays an organisation’s business operations is critical to every organisation or business. We offer a comprehensive solution for websites, from design to maintenance.

  1. Website requirements analysis
  2. Website design
  3. Website development
  4. Managed hosting
  5. Periodical or full-time maintenance

System Design & Development

Consult with us to analyse your organisation’s business needs. We convert such needs into systematic requirements and work with you to actualise them into business solutions for your organisation.

  1. Desktop applications
  2. Web applications
  3. Mobile applications

Technical Support & Lab

We take pride in our experienced team of technical experts who are set to make your experience with digital activities wonderful. You can contact us to resolve issues associated with your computers (physically or remotely).

Are you a Testing organisation or partner? Contact us to make arrangements for assistance with online and/or internet-based testing sessions. We have adequate computer laboratory space and equipment as well as a conducive environment to give test takers the maximum focus on their test day. More so, our team of experienced computer-based test administrators and proctors will do the hard work to ensure successful session administration.

ICT Content Development

Having the right content for the right audience is essential when it comes to skills development. Be it an organisation’s personnel, students, or participants from different communities, we develop tailored ICT-related course or training content to suit your audience. Contact us today and learn more.

Are you looking to have a platform for your educational content instead? We’ve got you covered! We develop electronic learning (eLearning) solutions for content of any academic discipline or training course. Reach out to us and learn how we can help you through such a transformation.